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Showing 1 - 24 of 78 products
Showing 1 - 24 of 78 products

A pretty blouse, that uses a red and grey vintage floral design that we think has been influenced by the British Arts and Craft Movement designer, William Morris.

This has been an incredibly popular blouse, and with the deep, rich shades of red, blue and gold, it's not difficult to see why!

A vintage style print blouse with small red and pink roses on a cream background.

If you believe in the saying that 'pink isn't just a colour it's an attitude', then this blouse definitely has real attitude! Deep pink roses create a bold statement against the white background of the main fabric print.

An attractive liberty style meadow flower print in pinks, green, blue and white.

Yet another colour variation on the doodle flower design that we are incredibly fond of. This version features red, green and cream beige for the flower design, which stands out brilliantly on the black background.

We love this doodle style flower print pattern, offering a modern twist on a floral print. Using a dark navy background and a palette of mid blue, peacock blue, red and orange, it creates a bold statement.

Beige, blues and tan brown tiny flowers help to create a very stylish shirt, with a country twist.

Tiny white petals, with slate grey leaves and stems, all on a rich deep red background; a simple and very attractive shirt.

Pretty daisies on soft blue denim, a great casual look that you'll want to wear time and again.

The black background of this shirt really helps the reddish orange and gold flowers to pop from the fabric.

An intricate design of tiny white leaves set upon a dark navy blue background, made in our relaxed fitting shirt collar style tunic.

An attractive floral print in pastel blue against white helps to create a fresh, clean looking style for this shirt collar style tunic.

Roses in soft shades of pink give our shirt collar tunic a classic, almost timeless feel.

With a canvas of dark navy blue, the bright white vintage floral print really pops on this handsome shirt.

The standard long sleeve relaxed fit version of our handsome dark navy blue and bright white vintage floral print shirt.

A bold geometric abstract rose print in navy blue, cerise pink and pale cream.

An attractive country feel blouse in a deep maroon with cream polka dot fabric.

This was the last blouse designed as part of the shocking pink rose collection; navy and white polka dots are such a classic look and the incredible splash of colour from the pink roses really takes it to a whole new level!

Classic blue cotton oxford given a fresh twist with the addition of pink, green and white flower accent fabric inside the collar and cuffs.

We just love polka dots! Bright white royal oxford fabric with a navy and white polka dot accent.

A shirt that can only be described as spectacular! The country garden design includes birds, blowers, bees, dragonflies and even ladybirds in shades of granite blue to fiery red.

Bright red poppies provide a bold splash of colour over the top of the white and navy polka dots, for this breath taking new stretch cotton shirt.

Raspberry pink cotton oxford combines with a Liberty style pink, green and white floral accent fabric on this pretty country casual shirt.