Capsule wardrobe part 3: Now build a capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobe part 3: Now build a capsule wardrobe


So following on from our last two blog pieces on this subject, you have now scaled down your wardrobe to your fave pieces, now it's time to filter again & actually choose your actual capsule wardrobe items.

Ideally you will have a maximum of around 30 items (sounds a lot really!) & this should ideally comprise of:

A stylish skirt

Any type of skirt is acceptable, but it should be versatile, and it’s a good idea to pick a neutral colour. Also, pick a style that suits you. There are mini skirts, midi skirts, full length, etc. Find a comfortable one that you like wearing.


Black and denim jeans (2 pairs)

You need some basic jeans in your wardrobe. They can be casual, but they are also easy to dress up with heels. Having a blue denim pair and a black pair gives you more outfit options.

A little black dress

What wardrobe would be complete without  a LBD? It’s the all-occasion, perfect clothing item that always saves the day. Every capsule wardrobe should contain this so you can be ready for a wedding, the office do, or a night out!

1 pair of trousers

Trousers mean corduroys, linen, or any other material that isn’t denim. However, these trousers must be versatile, and a neutral colour is best. These should be office-appropriate but also fun enough to wear out. For instance, a slim, black pair is a good all-round  choice.

1 dress for the current weather (summer or winter dress)

Choose an extra dress depending on the weather. For example, a long-sleeved, thicker option for winter or a light dress for summer. It’s nice for this dress to be a fun colour, or have a pattern to spice up your wardrobe!

Black leggings

Black leggings are versatile, and you can wear them with skirts and dresses for colder weather. They are also a comfy and simple solution for casual days. You can also dress them up with a nice top, which is why it makes our capsule wardrobe basics list!

Tank tops or camisoles (5 items)

These can be worn as extra layers or under cardigans or sweaters. So try to have some that are neutral and then maybe a couple of fancier ones in various colours. This way you can mix and match as you need them.

T-shirts (3 items)

You’ll need a few basic tees to wear with trousers, skirts, dresses, and as casual wear. Black, grey, and white are good choices for these basics.

Blouses (4 items)

Blouses are shirts you can wear to work or when you go out. So find four blouses, (preferably Salamander!) that are stylish yet versatile. For instance, a structured, striped blouse can work well as a staple, as can a white or black button up. Find a few favourites that go with a lot of things.

Jumpers (4)

A jumper is useful for at least three seasons, and sometimes even in the summer . Try for a few different styles like V-neck, cardigan, etc.

Jackets (1 trench coat and 1 trendy jacket)

A good trench coat or longer jacket is a good idea for winter and autumn. Choose something warm that is made of wool or other comfortable material. It should be in a neutral colour that looks good with everything. Next, a trendy jacket is suitable for autumn and spring. A great solution is a leather jacket in black or brown, but you could also opt for a blazer.

Shoes - low heels, trainers, flats or sandals, boots (4 pairs)

Low heels are ideal for parties and events but can also be worn with jeans, or to the office. They are true capsule wardrobe basics. Next, a comfortable and durable pair of trainers , fashionable ones, not ones you wear to the gym of course!  You can use these to complement a casual outfit.

Then, depending on the season, you’ll need a pair of flats or sandals. Flats work well for winter because they can look professional but still keep your feet warm. On the other hand, sandals are a great spring and summer choice.

Last, you need a pair of boots to complete your capsule wardrobe basics. Knee-high boots in a neutral colour are good, and ankle boots look good with most outfits, as well.

That's it, your capsule wardrobe guide is complete! Enjoy choosing your items & don't forget, you can start all over buying again in the Spring, but don't forget to  have a clear out at the same time!

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