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Salamander - A new beginning!

The dynamic due and brains behind Salamander, father and son team, Alex and Samuel

2011 was a big year for me and the start of the journey that would lead to Salamander.

In early 2011 I made the decision to leave my job as a business management consultant and joined my wife’s family’s business, taking up the challenge of being the operations manager for the independent ladies fashion brand, Grenouille. The other major life changing event that took place was in December, when my wife gave birth to our son, Samuel.


The change in career, re-ignited the creative / artistic streak in me and gave me the opportunity to meet the people and learn the skills that would enable the initial spark of an idea to become what I’m sharing with you today.


During my time at Grenouille, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to be involved and learn the garment design process, leading to my own collections being put into production and sold. Being very honest, there really is nothing that can describe the feeling of seeing a garment you designed, being worn by a person, walking past you on the street!


The Birth of Salamander

The brilliant team I work with in Thailand that make by hand every Salamander shirt.

It was during a product development trip with my family at the end of 2018, when the idea for Salamander first popped into my head. We were visiting a fabric supplier and I decided it might be a nice idea to have my tailor make some shirts for me and my son, using some of the incredible fabrics on offer; after all there’s something quite fun and special wearing matching clothes with your kids. I asked Samuel to select some fabrics he liked and after much deliberation, he selected seven designs.


The following day, I was visiting one of the factories that produce shirts, when I mentioned to the factory owner, K. Siriporn Oy, my intention to get some shirts made for my son and me. Their immediate response was that they’d be delighted to help. Two days later and the shirts were finished and became the designs for the first Salamander Shirts collection.


We loved the shirts and whenever we wore them we received compliments and questions about where we got them. Naturally the compliments became the catalyst that spurred me to decide that I wanted to share our concept and product to the world and so Salamander Shirts was conceived. The brand name was partly inspired by Grenouille's amphibian connection and also because I love the spiritual symbolism and meanings of salamanders; vision, energy, growth and adaptability.


Grenouille ® - 20 Years in the Making


The Grenouille® brand was first launched in the late-1990s by my wife, Vicky's parents.

The Grenouille name, (French for frog), came from a logo embroidered on one of their most popular shirt designs in production at the time.  The brand has acquired a loyal following by designing and producing fashionable, competitively priced, functional garments, sold to boutiques and customers world wide.



Today and the Future


A few photos of our friends around the world in their Salamander ShirtsAlthough we are continuing to develop the Salamander brand of statement / fun shirts for men and boys, we were fortunate enough to acquire the Grenouille brand in February 2021.  Vicky and I are delighted that we are able to take it forward and hope that we're able to see in flourish for another 20 years! 


If you've got any suggestions or comments, good or bad, then we want to hear them. Without knowing what we're doing well or not so well, we can't keep making the items that you all love.


Thanks for stopping by and we hope you love our clothing, as much as we enjoyed designing it!


Alex and Vicky

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Telephone Orders Welcome
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